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Kettler AB Wheel

  • Trains torso- and shoulder musculature for more stability and greater dynamic strength
  • Ergonomically-formed grips increase comfort
  • Slip-proof wheel provides necessary safety even with intensive use
  • Materials: PP, TPE and Iron
  • Dimensions: 29 cm x 18.2 cm

Kettler Aerobic Dumbbell

  • Supports strength- and endurance training, intensifies training effect
  • Adjustable hand straps, extra-soft surface
  • Can also be used as additional weight when jogging
  • Appropriate for all fitness enthusiasts thanks to different weight levels

Kettler Chrome Dumbbells

    • Chrome dumbbells can be incorporated into your existing workout at any time and any place. Their high quality and shine also make for a touch of beauty and constantly offer all fitness enthusiasts an ever-changing variety of training possibilities. The rubber rings are also gentle on the flooring.

Kettler Digital Rope

The Kettler skipping digital rope is supplied with a small LCD display that provides feedback on energy consumption, training duration and number of jumps. This feature enables focusing solely on the workout. The rope is 300cm (118”) long and requires one LR44 battery.

Kettler Fitness Mat

  • High-quality training mat as pad for home training
  • Anti-slip upper surface for high stability during the most intenstive workouts
  • Easy transport with practical carrying handle
  • Can be combined with KETTLER Fitness Bag
  • Material: TPE
  • Size: 61 cm x 182 cm x 1 cm

Kettler Foldable Mat

The folding exercise mat can be compact easy to carry and storage. Thanks to the folding mechanism, the mat can also be used as yoga block or yoga pad.

Kettler Gym Ball Basic

The GYM BALL is particularly versatile and is suitable for body stabilizing balance exercises but also for effective training workouts. After training, the GYM BALL can be used as a seat to strengthen the abdominal, back and pelvic muscles. With nubs on part of the surface, the GYM BALL offers an additional light massage effect and promotes circulation. Hand pump included. Dimensions/weight: Ø 65 cm Color: pearl white.

Kettler Kettle Bell

It is hard to imagine functional training without a Kettler Kettle Bell. It offers versatile training possibilities, excellent training features, an ergonomic handle (iron handle for perfect swinging qualities ) and a neoprene coated body also protects the floor. Start your highly efficient training with the Kettler Kettle Bell. With kettlebell training you strengthen i.e. your arm muscles with biceps curls or train your shoulder muscles with side/front lifts. Kettler Kettle Bells can also be used as additional weights for ab training (crunches).kettlebells allow you to do a more dynamic training than average dumbbells. With Kettler Kettle Bells you train several muscles at once rather than just training individual muscles. Kettlebells are becoming more and more popular, since they offer versatile and efficient training at home. But kettlebells are also extremely popular in gyms due to the diverse training possibilities.

Kettler Massage Balls

  • Excellent for grasp- and strengthening exercises, and for massaging reflex zones
  • Good for entire body (particularly suited for feet and arms)
  • Improves circulation through „hedgehog shape“
  • Material: PVC
  • Set includes:
    • pearl white: Diameter: 7.5 cm
    • burgundy: Diameter: 9 cm

Kettler Neoprene Dumbbells

    • Suitable for use in the gym or at home
    • Soft touch handle for non-slip grip
    • Anti-roll function
    • Available in different weight options
    The Kettler Neoprene Dumbbell set is designed with a Neoprene coating that are kinder to your hands to ensure comfortable workout and eliminates  risk of scratching floors. It is suitable for use in the gym or at home, with a soft touch handle for non-slip grip, it is covered in a neoprene layer, with anti-roll function, and it is available in different weight options to help you concentrate on the areas that matter the most to you, with the range of sizes

Kettler Pilate Ring

  • The Pilates ring is an easy and effective training device for the main muscle groups in the chest, arms, legs and back. By pressing the ring together you work against its resistance. Sturdy and anatomically shaped handles secure the device, so that the ring can be held between your legs or arms.

Kettler Push Up Ball

  • Effective upper body training with Push-Up Balls: The training tool facilitates the athlete to train his push-ups in many different variations by which several muscle groups are demanded. In comparison to conventional training tools, the push-up ball unifies an instable surface, which mainly improves the proprioception of the muscles, with the integration of a rotation movement during the push-up. Like this, a whole new movement is facilitated.
  • Risk of injury is minimised by a tilting edge: The tilting edge prevents the athlete of tilting his ankles. By that, a feeling of safety is provided during the training.
  • Extension of the training scope with an additional training tube: Das Resistance Tube facilitate additional exercises for the upper body, core, back and the arms. The handles of the push-up balls can simply be used for the tube training.
  • Extensive training guide included: Alongside with the tool, Kettler offers its customers a training poster which shows all the relevant exercises with the push-up ball and the tube. Therefore, a diverse training is guaranteed.
  • Simple transport: With its compact shape, the push-up ball meets the expectations of an urban customer. The space saving transport makes it an easy fitness companion in everyday life.
  • 2 x Push-Up Ball shells, 2 x Handles, 1 x Resistance Tube, 1 x Training poster
  • Diameter Push-Up Ball: 17 cm, Length tube: 270 cm
  • Material: Polycarbonate (PC)