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Kettler HALO 5.0 Indoor/Outdoor Table Tennis Bundle: 2 Player Set (2 Rackets/Paddles and 3 Balls)

  • Each Kettler HALO 5.0 racket/paddle is made from a lightweight, high impact resin that offers exceptional durability and weather resistance
  • High-performance air channel core delivers added flex, which has a trampoline-like effect when making contact with the ball to enhance spin
  • Features a smooth, synthetic rubber blade, providing players more control and speed for power shots
  • 2 player bundle includes 2 rackets and 3 regulation size, 3-star rated white table tennis balls
  • Playing with a 3-star rated table tennis ball is ideal for both casual and competitive play, offering consistent bounce and excellent spin

Kettler Table Tennis Outdoor 10

The Classic 10 is Kettler's flagship model. Its 22mm top provides excellent play quality with a great bounce and full anti-glare. The folding system is Kettler's best yet; there's just one catch per half and it takes literally 5 seconds to raise or lower each top. It has a neat and compact folding system and is slightly narrower than some brands making it easier to manoeuvre (especially through doorways etc). The wheels are slightly rubberised which makes it run smoothly on all surfaces. There are also lots of gadgets too....a large ball dispenser under each table top, safety corners, leg levellers and a clever elasticated storage system by the net post (for bats, water bottles etc).The Kettler Classic 10 makes a very strong case for being the best outdoor table on the market.

Kettler Table Tennis OUTDOOR Balls x 3

      • The¬†table tennis balls x3¬†Table Tenni is manufactured by KETTLER and was added around October 2017.
      • This version of the Table Tenni comes in Color : White.
      • Weight (kg)0.05

Kettler Table Tennis Paddle Match x 2

  • Set, consisting of 2 TT paddles with high-performance surfaces and 3 training balls (1-star / 40 mm)
  • Wood made of MULTI PLYWOOD5-layer veneer for maximum ball feeling and speed
  • ITTF-approved, inward pimpled surface (Coach), red / black, foam thickness 1.5 mm, speed: 50%, spin: 40%, control: 90%
  • Concave grip in ERGO GRIP design for perfect handling
  • Level A: Maximum control, good playing characteristics for novices and players of all age groups